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Wildflower Turf helps Green Infrastructure for Growth Project in Cornwall

Wildflower Turf Ltd are set to be a key supplier for Cornwall Council’s Green Infrastructure for Growth (GI4G) project.

The Hampshire-based wildflower experts are assisting Cornwall Council and their incumbent contractors Cormac. This will be with the delivery of a far-reaching programme that will see £3.5m of investment in public recreational areas. This aims to make them better places for people and wildlife.

Seven Cornish towns are to receive investment through GI4G. The funding focus creates a habitat across an area equal to 35 rugby pitches.

The project has consultation with environmental specialists from Exeter University. It also has guidance from the team at Wildflower Turf Ltd. Cornwall Council established several wildflower trial sites during late Summer/Autumn 2017.

The germination and growth results were very convincing. Both Wildflower Turf and also Wildflower Earth products are now in use. This is across the various sites nominated by the Council. They work in closely with communities to identify areas to benefit from this urban green space investment.

James Hewetson-Brown, managing director at Wildflower Turf Ltd said:

“It is heartening to see Cornwall Council developing biodiversity and wildflower spaces in the South West.”

He continued: “We are happy to involve ourselves with this exciting project. We have enjoyed watching the speed with which these habitats have established and are now benefitting wildlife.”

The Green Infrastructure for Growth Project receives support funding from:

  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Cornwall Council
  • University of Exeter
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