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    Upcycling: Choose Green Bus Stop at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

    In this interview, Pro Landscaper talks to Emma Nosurak who designed the Choose Green bus stop for The Bus Stop Boulevard at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park. Emma tells Pro Landscaper how the bus stop was designed to replicate her shop, Plant Shop Manchester, how she incorporated upcycling and the benefits of doing so.

    You designed the Choose Green bus stop for Bus Stop Boulevard at Tatton Park this year, could you tell us a bit more about the design of your bus stop? 

    Two years ago, I went to RHS Flower Show Tatton Park for the first time and that gave me the idea that I would love to collaborate with the RHS on a show. The bus stop is based on our shop, Plant Shop Manchester, which is Manchester’s only independent plant retail space. Our slogan at the shop is ‘choose green’ and this is the main theme for our bus stop. The Choose Green bus stop represents the kind of plants that we sell in our shop with details on how to care for them and where they will work best in a house.

    The bus stop itself was upcycled, but have you used any other examples of upcycling in your design?

    The bus stop was the main piece of upcycled material in this project, but I will be bringing lots of pieces of furniture that I use in the shop and pieces from local vintage stores. One part that could be classed as upcycling is our plant swap area. In the shop we get a lot of plants delivered from Holland and sometimes they haven’t travelled well and they arrive damaged, we hate seeing anything going to waste so we thought of the plant swap. We have an area in the shop where customers can come and swap one of their own plants for one of these slightly damaged ones.

    What do you think the benefits of upcycling are?

    I believe that everyone sees beauty in different things, and within both the retail and the landscape industry there’s definitely an appetite to upcycle. Aside from working on projects like this we try to work within our community to encourage people to upcycle and not waste things. If I ever have anything in the shop, pieces of furniture or plants that I don’t sell I tend to leave them outside with a note that says ‘please take me home’.

    For more information on the shop behind the bus stop visit www.plantshopmanchester.com or find them on Instagram @plantshopmanchester

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