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Tree Water Maizer

A must-have product for tree planting. Saving water and supporting a green revolution. Maximise on what nature provides to save on irrigation.

New Green solution to save water and improve growing young trees and plants launched by Best4garden. Tree water Maizer, makes a lot more than just saving water.

Provide extra water for your plants by using dew, condensation and rain water in a more efficient way.

Use of dew:  Dew collects and is channeled to the plant’s root system: an extra 5-20% of water, which may be essential in dry periods.

Better use of rain water: Rain water is directed to the roots, so that it all goes to the tree and is not evaporated by the wind or sun. The water-maizer ensures that even this small amount is channeled to your trees and will not be wasted, having a greater impact on the trees’ growth.

Avoid water evaporation: The water-maizer covers the soil around the tree, preventing evaporation from the soil into the air, keeping the soil moist. Condensation that has built up during the day returns to the soil. This can save an extra 25-40% of water, which normally evaporates.

The water-maizer can improve watering by up to 30 times in some areas, depending on wind, temperature and soil. This product is about much more than saving water, it is about producing more from less.

When the water-maizer was put to the test, in many cases, the water-maizer helped to get a greater, better quality crop for les labour costs. Research was done on hundreds of trees and showed that the water-maizer had a huge impact on trees. The water-maizer, as a cover around the plant’s base, regulates temperature and moisture retention. This can save crops during extreme weather conditions, as root systems never dry out due to hot or freezing conditions. In one of the research groups, an unexpected cold temperature caused 100% death of trees with no water-maizer while the group that had the water-maizer enjoyed no tree deaths.

The water-maizer is very environmentally friendly, it is completely reusable for at least ten years (6 year guarantee), made from 60% recycled plastic, it can save use of herbicides and strimmers and is 100% recyclable.

The labour saving comes from having no need to weed. The inside of the water-maizer is black to prevent light penetration. The main reason for death in trees in the last 10 years is from plant diseases through wounds caused by strimmers. The water-maizer means that you will not need strimmers to keep weeds away.

How does the water-maizer increase growth? Under the water-maizer, the tree roots grow up to the soil’s surface, which is the richest in nutrients, oxygen and micro-organisms, giving increased growth and healthier plants.

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