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Trailblazer Horticulture Sub Group needs your help

The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), has a crucial role on the Horticulture Sub Group responsible for the launch of the Trailblazer Apprenticeship for Landscaping & Horticulture. They need your help. To date, the work carried out by the group to get recognised, employer-led industry apprenticeships through government are funded by BALI, Bartlett Tree Experts and Forestry Commission. Now that funding has dried up. In order to continue this work, BALI need financial contributions to continue operating.
Following more than 48 months of intensive work by industry employers, trade bodies and stakeholders, the Horticulture and Landscape Apprenticeship Standards achieved Government approval back in May 2016. This is paving the way for future developments by employers with the full support of training providers
The Trailblazer scheme covers many sectors, including Arboriculture, Forestry and Horticulture & Landscape. Offered at two levels – Supervisor and Operative – and covering Horticulture and Landscape Construction. The new apprenticeships are currently serving a wide range of businesses, both large and small. They operate in landscape construction and grounds maintenance in the private, public and commercial sectors.
Since launch, over 400 apprentices are now supported by this Trailblazer Standard and received employment from landscaping and horticulture organisations. A further 110 apprentices are employed within the arboriculture sector. 
The Horticulture Sub Group urgently need to raise funds to support the work of the group if they are to continue meeting, and to date, they have raised £2,750. The group need between £6,000 and £8,000 a year to operate.
The group’s purpose is supporting the rollout of the new apprenticeships, developing further apprenticeships as required, providing a focus for the review of the apprenticeships when this occurs, engaging with government reforms such as T Levels and dealing with issues (such as the first aid qualification) as they arise.    

The work plan currently includes: 

  • Facilitating the approval of the Level 3 Horticulture / Landscape Supervisor
  • Working with the IfA to resolve the issues with the first aid qualification, which no longer exists as described on the Standard
  • Consider developing materials to support employers
  • Progress the higher level apprenticeship application
  • Support the T Level panels when they start to meet and discuss our industries
It is important to note that the government do not fund the work carried out by the Sub Group. If funds are not raised within the month, the future of the group moving forward will go into review.  
If you can help to part fund the Horticulture Sub Group and its activities moving forwards, in order for the group to continue delivering on its work plan, you can request a copy of the Trailblazer Contribution Agreement from BALI’s marketing and communications manager, Darren Taylor.
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