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Top 5 pub gardens in the UK

Since over one third of houses now have no access to a private green space, pub gardens offer people an opportunity to appreciate beautifully crafted landscapes they may not otherwise have a chance to see. Pro Landscaper has collated the five finest pub gardens in the UK, worth the journey for both an appreciation of the greenery and a tipple of your choice.

The Elephant’s Nest Inn, Tavistock, Devon

This stunning garden has views of both Brentor church and the moor and even has its own cricket ground.

The Elephant’s Nest Inn, Tavistock, Devon. Photo: Sawdays

The Church Inn, Knutsford, Cheshire

The terrace here offers unrivalled rolling views of fields and the nearby church with a beautifully maintained green.

The Church Inn, Knutsford, Cheshire. Photo: Sawdays

The Inn at Whitewell, Clitheroe, Lancashire

The inn sits just above the River Hodder, and doors in the bar lead to a terrace where guests can enjoy five-mile views across parkland to rising fells. There are also seven miles of countryside to explore.

The Inn at Whitewell, Clitheroe, Lancashire. Photo: Sawdays

The Olive Branch, Oakham, Rutland

Hidden away in a sleepy Rutland village, where bridlepaths lead out across peaceful fields. The front garden fills in summer and the planting is regularly refreshed.

The Olive Branch Clipsham, Rutland. Photo: Sawdays

The Perch, Binsey, Oxfordshire

The setting is idyllic, with a garden path arched by fairy lights winding down to the river. Alice in Wonderland had its first reading here. There are picnic tables by the willows or under the conservatory canopy.

The Perch, Binsey, Oxford, Oxfordshire. Photo: Sawdays


Know any more of the best British pub gardens? Let us know as we’d love to show their green spaces some long overdue appreciation.

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