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    Thrive launches It’s Not Just Gardening campaign

    Thrive is launching a campaign to get more people into the garden to experience the health and well being benefits it offers.

    It’s Not Just Gardening is a week-long campaign running from Monday 1 April to Friday 5 April 2019 promoting how gardening can help:

    – Physical health
    – Mental health
    – Social engagement
    – Learning of new skills
    – Make you feel good

    Drawing on evidence based on 40 years of experience as a charity Thrive is encouraging people who have never considered gardening to give it a go.

    Thrive Chief Executive Kathryn Rossiter said:
    ‘Gardening can have a very positive impact on your personal health and wellbeing.

    ‘Physically, it can improve mobility and strength, while mentally it can provide a sense of achievement and purpose.

    ‘Gardening is an amazing learning opportunity, offering ever-changing challenges. It can suit all ranges of experience or none, boosting confidence and self-esteem.

    ‘Gardening can be a socially engaging activity. Our Horticultural Therapists can tailor sessions to promote interaction and build social skills.’

    The campaign will feature films and web content outlining each of the key benefits. It will feature some Thrive Ambassadors, including This Morning gardener David Domoney, BBC Gardeners’ World presenter Mark Lane and gardening blogger and vlogger Annabelle Padwick.

    Thrive works with clients aged from 14 to 87 at its centres in Reading, Birmingham and London. It will also feature some of them explaining how they have benefited from gardening.

    It’s Not Just Gardening will help people give gardening a try by not only providing practical tips but also free seeds to kick-off.


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