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    Tarmac unveils new division for commercial landscaping projects

    Tarmac has announced the formation of a new division – Topscape – solely aimed at supplying the commercial landscaping market.

    Up until now, Tarmac’s specialist landscaped aggregates and soil products were brought to market under the company’s Topsport brand, which has been supplying both the sports surface industry and commercial landscaping market for 16 years. However, the company has now created a specialist landscaping division.

    The Topscape portfolio will cover a broad range of technical landscape materials, such as top- and subsoils, drainage gravel, growing medium, including both reinforced and standard rootzones; as well as a comprehensive range of high performance, naturally coloured, self-binding pathways.

    Crucially, the division will still benefit from the 16 years of technical knowledge synonymous with the Topsport brand. For example, products such as Topscape’s reinforced rootzone – ideal for green roads and any grassy area needed to function as overflow carparks – have been developed following extensive work in meeting the turf security challenges felt by race course and football pitch designers.

    Topscape will also continue the Topsport practice of offering bespoke product consultation and creation, to ensure landscapers have access to the most appropriate material solution for their project.

    Sarah Bland, technical sales manager at Tarmac’s  Topscape, commented: “While we have been supporting and supplying landscape architects through our Topsport portfolio for years, we feel the time is right to bring our dedicated landscaping solutions to market through one brand completely focused on that market.

    “Landscapers face a number of different challenges on a daily basis, from managing turf security through to determining the optimum soil and growing media for plant life depending on a region’s geological composition. We hope that by consolidating our offering into one brand, landscapers will now have one central point of contact for all their aggregate material needs.”

    Sarah continued: “Crucially, as with our Topsport brand, we will still be offering our bespoke soil and rootzone composition service, to give landscapers a truly tailored solution to each individual product. What’s more, given the volume of legislation that governs the landscaping industry, from the varying British Standards to Contaminated Land Assessments, we are able to offer fully-compliant materials for all areas of a project to help our customers avoid being unknowingly caught out, particularly by recycled materials.”


    For more information on Topscape’s range of dedicated solutions for the landscaping industry, please visit: www.topscape.co.uk  call 0333 003 5927, or email: topscape@tarmacbp.co.uk.

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