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How badly did snowfall affect the landscaping industry?

Pro Landscaper investigates how detrimental the avalanche of snow blown over by Siberian winds really was to the landscaping sector.

This year, the UK witnessed the coldest winter since 1991 with highs of 50cm of snowfall and windspeed of up to 15mph. The snow pandemonium is estimated by economists to have cost the UK approximately £1bn per day, greatly harming smaller businesses that rely on the income provided by each day’s work.

Due to landscape construction unfortunately not being a remote task, firms across the country suffered as a result of work grinding to a standstill with sites left unworkable or workers rendered immobile because of heavy snowfall.

Brian Herbert on Snowfall
Brian Herbert

When asked how the weather had affected business for him, Brian Herbert, director of Outdoor Options told Pro Landscaper: “Monday to Wednesday [26-28 February] we really struggled and had to throw in the towel, making it a very costly week for us.”

When asked about how the costs effected the company as a whole, Brian continued: “The run up to Christmas was good for us as we were clear of poor weather for the most part. So, to be honest, losing only two days due to harsh weather in a single winter is not bad going. Indeed, this should be factored in at the pricing stage of a job.”

Leaving the bitter chill behind, the UK economy is set to redeem lost income within the next quarter as Spring holds a bright future for the landscaping industry.

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