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    Speakers announced for SGD Geometry conference

    Five acclaimed designers each renowned for their use of geometry, will speak at the SGD Autumn Conference. ‘Geometry – new angles on gardens & landscape’ takes place on 17 November at the Royal Geographical Society in London.

    The speakers include:

    Christopher Bradley-Hole FSGD, Ian Kitson FSGD, Milan-based Cristina Mazzucchelli, Australian Kate Cullity and Brazilian Alex Hanazaki. They will give insight into their distinctive use of geometry and explain how relationships between shapes and lines should be at the heart of how we design gardens and landscapes.
    Brazilian landscape architect Alex Hanazaki creates outdoor spaces like works of art. Renowned for his use of modernist lines, Japanese minimalism and originality in the use of green, the gardens he creates are testament to his perfectionism and aesthetics. For the SGD conference, Hanazaki will explain how he shapes outdoor spaces through his particular aesthetic. He searches for a sense of beauty in everything he sees and touches, in his quest to create places that are more than gardens.
    With a PhD in Molecular Genetics and a Masters in Garden Design from the University of Milan, Italian designer Cristina Mazzucchelli believes that in garden design mathematical rules link to our feeling of harmony. She also believes colours such as white and green emanate a positive feeling of wellbeing.
    Based on a rigorous geometric approach, her designs combine knowledge of plant physiology with a desire to link architecture to the natural world. Mazzucchelli will speak about the complementary role of curves and lines in creating harmony and a sense of wellbeing. He uses examples of her work to show how spatial proportions, such as the ‘golden section’ and ‘Fibonacci series’ must command respect.
    Australian landscape architect and environmental artist Kate Cullity is director of award winning landscape architecture firm TCL. She involves herself in the creation of award-winning landscapes across Australia and overseas. With particular expertise in residential gardens, Cullity will be exploring the role design expressions. These include patterning, repetition and the power of multiples that play out in her projects. She will show how these ordering systems help to connect people to intrinsic structures found in nature.
    Christopher Bradley-Hole FSGD is one of the world’s most influential landscape designers working today. His iconic designs and bestselling books have had a far-reaching impact on the way contemporary design has developed. Renowned for his geometric forms, he will explain how he creates his elegant designs, using his latest work to illustrate his talk.
    Finally, landscape architect and garden designer Ian Kitson FSGD has been designing gardens and landscapes for over 30 years. He combines an innate instinct for balance and proportion, with a love of nature, to create the shapes and forms in his designs. Referencing both his educational history and current projects, Ian will explain what motivates his approach to design and the process each project takes to reach its constructed form.
    The SGD autumn conference chair is John Wyer FSGD founder of Bowles & Wyer.
    Discounted ‘Early Bird’ tickets are available until 22 October 2018. Visit the SGD website to read more and book tickets online.
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