Rain Bird introduces XLR Long Distance Water Jets for irrigation and dust control

There are many large area installations where the ability to water as quickly as possible in the most efficient way is critical, whether for irrigation, dust control or other purposes. With the introduction of the new Rain Bird XLR Series of water jets, users can now choose from a wide range of solutions that the company claims will outperform and outlast competing long-range impact rotors. They will save water, time and money in many applications including large sports field and arena irrigation, dust control in quarries and mines, feed yards, stables, reclamation yards or industrial premises as well as for pest control in lumber yards where termites can be controlled by keeping wood wet.

Water pressure, site topography and size are taken into account in Rain Bird product designs and the new XLR Series offers easy customisation and adaptability. This is achieved not just through the breadth of the range, but also through inherent design features. XLR Series water jets do not only have a powerful throw, but ensure effective irrigation and highly efficient, even water distribution over large areas. The risk of flooding, pooling, overwatering or run off which can be experienced with alternative rotors is eliminated.

The intelligent design of the deflector, barrel and nozzles requires less water pressure to operate. A self-adjusting automatic brake system maintains a constant rotation speed and is made from treated stainless steel that increases wear resistance. A dynamic jet-breaker corrects the uneven distribution that can be encountered in low water pressure areas.The durable, lightweight marine grade aluminium used in the barrel construction is designed for the toughest irrigation tasks but requires less force to initiate or change motion.

Taken together, these features allow the waterjet to throw water long distances even when running at low pressures. For example, the 24° unit has a radius of 45 metres at 4.5 bar with a 22mm nozzle. Even at 2 bar, a 30 metre radius can be achieved with the same nozzle.

Users can select from three XLR ranges with different trajectory angles – fixed 24° or 44° units and a 15-45°adjustable unit. The XLR 24° unit is designed for standard applications such as sports field irrigation, whether synthetic or natural turf. It is also suitable for horse arenas and some dust control applications and has a throw range up to 54 metres.

The XLR 44° units, with a throw range up to 53 metres, are adapted for dust control and applications where height and elevation of the stream is critical to overcome obstacles or piles of stored products. The easily adjustable XLR  ADJ 15-45° units offer maximum flexbility as the stream angle and trajectory range can be changed to avoid obstacles or power lines and kept at a low level during windy conditions.

Separate XLR 12mm-28mm nozzles are available in nine different sizes for varying throw ranges. They are manufactured from technical polymers, with a design that minimises pressure loss and maximises throw.

Full details of the XLR range are available at where a full installation guide and user manual are also available together with examples of potential irrigation and dust control applications.

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