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    Provender Nurseries Announces Hazel Coleman as Competition Winner

    Continuing the garden design competition Provender Nurseries announced Hazel Coleman as the winner for a redesign of Open Air Theatre Bed in The Regent’s Park.

    This competition run by Provender Nurseries in partnership with Capel Manor at two campuses has been ongoing for six years. Year 2 and 3 students of Garden Design: Plants and Planting Design were invited this year to enter the garden design competition.

    Judging took place in November with over 25 students from Capel Manor College, Regents Park Campus, presenting their designs to a wide variety of judges. Each student talked through their designs with the panel justifying plant choices and highlighting plants or areas of interest.

    Now in its sixth year this year’s redesign was particularly challenging as the bed selected also had to incorporate space for 40 cultivars of Delphinium held by the National Delphinium Collection.The bed in question was the largest area so far selected for the design competition at an area of 31m x 21m and is viewed from both sides, one side for the National Delphinium Collection and the other viewed by the Open Air Theatre.

    Hazel’s design was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs. Dalloway with its abundant imagery of flowers and themes of femininity, passage of time and the modern society. Hazel states in her planting philosophy for the design:

    “The redesign of the bed echoes the structure of Mrs Dalloway which follows a day in the protagonist’s life across London. The east side of the bed hosts delphiniums which is one of the key plants that Mrs Dalloway picks at the start of the novel. This harmonises with other plants with upright and rounded forms. Overall, the planting scheme makes use of a combination of shrubs, ferns and flowers from Edwardian times with contemporary grasses and new cultivars. While this bed is designed to be in full bloom in mid-summer, evergreen and pollinator friendly plants make up a large part of the planting, providing year-round structure and interest that is extended with a wide range of bulbs for spring and winter.”

    Hazel has been presented with a cheque for £250.00 for her achievement.

    For more information visit: www.provendernurseries.co.uk

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