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PorcelQuick Launches New Stainless Steel Edge Profiles for Porcelain Paving

PorcelQuick talk to Pro Landscaper about its range of new profiles designed for use with porcelain paving. 

When it comes to edging traditional paving there are a range of options available; bricks, blocks, or stones create a rustic border. Alternatively, the cut edge can be left exposed however with porcelain, the cut edge isn’t quite as attractive, and it can be quite sharp – particularly on a rectified tile. Additionally, many of these rustic options do not suit the contemporary look of external porcelain tiles. So, what’s the alternative? PorcelQuick have created a range of profiles designed precisely for use with porcelain paving.

When porcelain is manufactured the powder is pressed to create the main body of the tile, which is then fired at high temperatures. This vitrifies the tiles, removing nearly all of the moisture, which transforms it into an extremely hard material. This hardness has its benefits; the tiles are very strong and hard-wearing, but it also makes them more difficult to cut on site. For the tiles to be profiled or cut they are often sent away to specialist companies with machinery that can handle this tough material. Profiling can look great, however if the slab does not have consistent colouring throughout the body and surface for example on a tile with a patterned surface, it highlights this further. It’s also a time consuming and expensive option which can be off-putting to the customer.

Made from 316 grade stainless steel, PorcelQuick trims are resistant to corrosion and therefore can be used for a range of installations including patio edges, steps and swimming pools surrounds. There are several different designs available depending on the finished look you want to create. Choose from a ‘double pencil’ square finish or a round edge for a bold look, or for a subtle but modern design opt for a straight edge profile. The straight edge profile is also available in a formable variety for use on curved edges and steps. End pieces and pre-formed corners can also be purchased to make installation quick and easy.

For more information see PorcelQuick.com or call 0333 355 0059.

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