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Plants@Work elects a new chair

For the first time in the association's history, Plants@Work elect a female as chair

For the first time in its history, plants@work (formerly efig Ltd) elects a woman to the role of chair. Very apt in the centenary year of women’s suffrage. As the former chair, Chris Jenkin of Enterprise Plants stepped down, Madeleine Evans of the newly formed Tivoli Services (formerly ISS Landscaping) was unanimously voted into the role.

To support Madeleine, Gary Collinson of Junction 53 was voted in as vice chair.

This important event in plants@work’s calendar took place at the plants@work AGM held on the longest day (21 June) and hosted by Indoor Garden Design at their HQ in Highgate.

The supporting committee which includes new and old faces includes:

Chris Jenkin (Enterprise Plants) in his new role as a Plants@Work Ambassador

Ian Drummond (Indoor Garden Design), Plants@Work Ambassador

Kenneth Freeman (Ambius), Plants@Work Ambassador

Social Secretary: Ruscha Fields (Cambridge Plants)

Treasurer: Joanna Hargreaves (p@w)

Marketing: Coll Smith (p@w)

Graham Flisher (Urban Planters)

Matt Gavin (Tivoli)

Chris Pickles (Ambius)

David Snell (Nature at Work)

Carole Plukaard (Koberg bv)

The year ahead

Plants@work has a busy programme moving forward starting with National Plants@Work Week on 9 July when the promotion of plants in the workplace is the main message. The week will be launched with a research library/office pop-up featuring plants@work’s new book ‘Plants for Wellbeing’ covering the research into plant benefits over the last 30 years.

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