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New garden created for Rosevale Care Home residents

A new garden has been created for the residents at Rosevale Lodge Care Home.


Shirley Lamont, Alex Lamont and Jackie Lamont, who redesigned the garden at Rosevale care home, pictured with Mayvelyn Talug, care home manager.

The family of Alex Lamont, who resides at the Moira Road establishment kindly took it upon themselves to renovate the garden over the last few months.

Jackie Lamont and his wife Shirley were visiting Alex when the notion came on them. Jackie explained: “We became aware that many of the residents of the home are unable to leave it to enjoy the summer as most people do. Their illnesses and frailties means they cannot travel to many of the nice gardens and parks the rest of us easily access.”

He continued: “During the Easter holidays we started to pull a few weeds out of the garden and eventually decided over the summer to renovate the courtyard garden at the home.

“We wanted to thank the home management and staff in a tangible way for the excellent care and attention my father received from them.

“With a number of residents, including my father suffering with Dementia, it was hoped that the garden would also assist them with their memories and help them recall happier times.”

Jackie added: “The Management, staff and the families of other residents were extremely supportive and many made financial contributions and provided items for the garden.

“Plantation Nurseries, Gilford made a generous contribution. Darren from the nursery offered great advice on the plant selection and always made sure the best possible plants were supplied.”

During the renovation many new friendshops were made between residents, staff and family members and many were able to exchange helpful information and knowledge on Dementia.

The garden at Rosevale Lodge is now a small oasis where people can enjoy a few peaceful moments with lovedones and friends surrounded by beautiful plants and garden features.

“It is a place where friends and relatives can gather, talk, laugh and most of all share their love,” said Jackie.

Alana Irvine, Regional Manager for the care home said: “As Regional Manager for the home it was a pleasure to see the end result of all the hard work Jackie and Shirley did in transforming the garden. Their enthusiasm has been an inspiration to the staff in the home and there is no doubt our residents and their families will share many special moments in this wonderful space.

“The garden was entered in the Four Seasons Health Care ‘garden for all seasons’ competition and after winning the best in the region, everyone is waiting with great anticipation on the results of the company finals.”

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