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National Plants at Work Week

Plant Designs is getting involved with National Plants at Work Week (NPWW) taking place from 11 – 15 July 2016 promoting the benefits of indoor planting for employees and employers.

Backed up by research

The recommendations for having plants in working environments are well backed up by research from around the world, indicating just how reliant we are on nature for our health and well-being. Our need for a connection with nature, or the Biophilia Hypothesis, is becoming increasingly important to consider as people spend so much time working indoors. Read about the research here.

Which business doesn’t want to maximise productivity and reduce time taken off sick? Not to mention reducing pollution in the air. It is a well-known fact that we spend more time indoors than outdoors, maybe it is less know that air indoors can be 10 times more polluted than outdoor air (Environmental Protection Agency)

More startling are statistics that suggest that polluted air can cause premature deaths according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) and The Royal College of Physicians.

Get involved

If you want to learn more visit www.plantdesigns.co.uk/whyplants to learn more about how plants can have a positive influence on peoples’ lives. You can also follow the activities of National Plants at Work Week on Facebook and Twitter using #plantsatworkweek

We will be taking part by handing out free air cleaning plants around London during NPWW week 11 – 15 July 2016 and sharing reasons that plants are so good for everyone.


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