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    Monsanto court case highlights need to move towards eco-friendly alternatives

    The recent Monsanto court case underlines the importance of the TCL Group’s role in working towards greater use of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional weed killer.
    It uses a combination of hot water and foam to ‘cook’ weeds on contact.
    Burleys has been working with the charity Pesticide Action Network UK.
    The charity is campaigning to reduce herbicide use across the country.
    It has trialled the Foamstream system with Lewes District Council. Lewes is working towards eliminating pesticides.


    Foamstream, produced by Weedingtech, has been gaining traction in the UK. Local councils have been searching for green alternatives. It has been proving a hit in France where pesticides are banned in gardens and green spaces from next year.
    The system is used on many parks and all children’s play areas across Lewes district.
    The authority is also improving biodiversity by planting wildflowers. The council is also looking into biological slug control alternatives.
    The system featured on BBC Radio 4 ‘s Today programme (1h 23 mins in). BBC regional TV (15 mins 22 secs in) also featured it this week. The former mayor of Glastonbury, another user of the system, said he would drink neat Foamstream!
    It works by acting as a thermal blanket, stopping the heat in the hot water escaping to the atmosphere. It keeps the heat on the weed long enough to kill it.
    The thermal energy penetrates the weeds’ waxy outer leaf layer, rupturing the cells, killing them. Some die within minutes, with others taking a day or two. A second application can kill taproots. It also sterilises seeds and spores – helping to reduce future weed growth.

    Safe for wildlife and children

    The foam mixture is safe to use near children’s playgrounds, animals and watercourses.
    An unexpected bonus is that the foam can is good for a variety of street cleaning tasks. This includes chewing gum removal from pavements, graffiti elimination and power washing.
    The foam is a blend of natural plant oils and sugars including maize, wheat, potatoes, rapeseed and coconut oils.
    Simon Cashmore, CEO of the TCL Group said: “Foamstream is great for weeds and small woody growth. It’s also good for killing moss in places like tennis courts and play area. It represents excellent value.
    “We support Weedingtech’s global mission to help organisations and cities across the world. We want to help provide safer, cleaner and greener environments for their residents.”
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