• RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival: The Forest Will See You Now

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  • A38 flower verge

    Wildflower scheme along the A38

    As well as improving roads, Highways England is committed to a national Biodiversity Plan which is supported by a £30 million investment programme over five years.   The wild flower scheme on the A38 was started last year when seeds from over 20 variety of flowers, including cornflowers, oxeye daisies, yellow rattle and poppies were sown over five hectares of roadside verge between Ashburton and Ivybridge, adding to the ten hectares that have recently been created along the A38 and A30 in Devon and Cornwall.   Highways England senior ecologist Leonardo Gubert said: “This is the third wild flower scheme…

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  • 571 plant species have disappeared in the last 250 years

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  • Woodland Trust responds to Government’s Ash Research Strategy

    The Woodland Trust has welcomed the Government’s Ash Research Strategy announced 6 June 2019 to tackle the many threats facing the UK’s ash trees. Biosecurity Minister Lord Gardiner launched the Ash Research strategy, designed to merge evidence on threats to the UK’s population of ash trees. It will also identify future research needs to protect and restore both the species and landscape. These threats include ash dieback, which is already present across most of the UK. Also the invasive non-native pest emerald ash borer, which is not currently established in the UK but has caused catastrophic losses of ash in…

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  • Ashlea Ltd and Johnsons team up on project

    Ashlea Ltd and Johnsons team up to enhance the grounds of the new, purpose-built Windermere Jetty Museum.   The Windermere Jetty museum was opened at the start of April by the Prince of Wales. It includes over 40 vessels including the SL dolly, which is thought to be the oldest mechanically powered boat in the world. Also, dugout boats dating between 1200 and 1320 AD and the famous tarn boat used in Beatrix Potter’s sketches.   The museum will house the boats in and outside of the building. A key element of the design was to include the spectacular views…

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  • What’s your favourite office plant?

    Every year plants@work looks for the Favourite Office Plant from a nominated ‘long list’. Voting whittles the list down to three plants according to that year’s criteria. The short-listed three plants take their places before a panel of judges who select the winning plant for the year.   This award has been running for nine years and past winners have been:    2018 Monstera deliosa 2017 Aspidistra 2016 Rhipsalis  2015 Medinilla magnifica  2014 Echeveria  2013 Peace Lily( Spathiphylum) 2012 Vanda orchid  2011 Phalaenopsis orchid 2010 Beaucarnia Bonsai   The plants that get the most votes and fall into one or more…

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  • RHS calls on volunteers to spot spittlebugs

    The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) is calling on gardeners, nature lovers and citizen scientists to help the UK respond to the threat of Xylella fastidiosa, a bacterium that results in the disease and death of many popular garden plants.   The charity, working with the University of Sussex and Forest Research, needs thousands of volunteers to help map the distribution of spittlebugs. It is one of the chief carriers of Xylella, that can be found in gardens, meadows, grasslands and woodlands from April to late June.   Spittlebugs, also called froghoppers, are small, sap-sucking insects that can transmit Xylella as…

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  • Still no cure for Xylella, says EFSA

    The European Food and Safety Authority has updated its assessment of the risks posed by Xylella fastidiosa to plants and crops in the European Union. The new assessment provides new insights and conclusions on controlling existing outbreaks of this pest and preventing further spread in the EU. EFSA’s Plant Health Panel (PLH) used computer modelling to simulate how X. fastidiosaspreads across short and long distances under different conditions. The modelling showed the importance of implementing control measures, such as those specified by the European Commission, to prevent further spread and even eradicate outbreaks. It illustrated the relative effectiveness of using different-sized buffer…

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  • Chelsea

    Pro Landscaper Chelsea Blogs: Frankie’s perspective

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  • 25th Gold for David Austin Roses at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

    World-leading rose breeder, David Austin Roses has been awarded a gold medal at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. This is the 25th in its history of exhibiting.   The Secret Garden themed display features a beautifully fluid, circular design, at the heart of which two  striking new characters from David Austin’s English Rose collection are to be seen in bloom for the first time. Rosa Eustacia Vye (Ausegdon) and Rosa Gabriel Oak(Auscrowd) are both named after beloved characters from Thomas Hardy’s works. They create a stunning centrepiece of scent and colour in a setting befitting a moment of quiet reflection.…

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  • Government fund

    Government delivers new £10m fund to plant over 130,000 urban trees

    A new £10 million Government plan will see more than 130,000 trees planted across England’s towns and cities, Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced on Sunday 19 May. Through the Urban Tree Challenge Fund, grants will be made available over the next two years to green urban areas and help meet the government’s target to plant one million urban trees by 2022. The scheme, will be administered by the Forestry Commission. It will be open to individuals, local authorities, charities and NGOs. Grants will fund the planting of trees and the first three years of their care to ensure they can flourish…

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  • sector skills gap survey

    Industry responds to latest ornamental horticulture sector skills gap survey

    A major survey investigating the future skills needs within UK ornamental horticulture is underway. Over 300 businesses have already provided insight about the potential training and resource gaps for the £24bn sector.   The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) commissioned the study.   The Ornamental Horticulture Sector stakeholder group is seeking to investigate the future skills needs of the Ornamental Horticulture sector. This is in terms of key skills and the requirements and challenges facing the sector in the future (including scenarios and implications for future workforce change).   BALI’s Chief Executive Wayne Grills said: “Results from this survey…

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  • Tree of the year

    Tree of the year nominations open

    The Woodland Trust is searching for the most loved, visually stunning tree, with the most fascinating story, for Tree of the Year 2019. Now in its sixth year, Tree of the Year highlights and celebrates special trees across the UK. A tree may be a village’s oldest inhabitant, a founding figure in a region’s identity, or a landmark in the nation’s story. Any individual, group or organisation can nominate a tree and share its story at from 7 May 2019 until 19 July 2019. The entries will then be shortlisted by a panel of independent experts before facing a public vote. Last…

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  • Savills and David Harber garden

    The Savills and David Harber Garden to feature largest green wall ever seen at Chelsea

    The Savills and David Harber Garden will feature one of the largest green walls ever seen at RHS Chelsea Flower Show.   Measuring 32m x 3m = 96m, the wall will house over 3,000 individual plants. This will include ferns, grasses, ivies and herbaceous flowering plants. All of which have been carefully selected both for their aesthetic and importance to British woodland eco-systems.   With floor space at a premium, especially in London, and as space to curate a garden is becoming increasing hard to find, particularly in urban areas, the way that plants are integrated has begun to change…

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  • Wildflowers in Adur and worthing

    Wildflowers to be planted across Adur & Worthing

    As part of a commitment to promoting sustainability and biodiversity while making the best use of open spaces, Adur & Worthing Councils is embarking on a widespread programme of seed scattering.   Where The Wild Flowers Grow will see parks staff work with community groups and residents to scatter seeds in carefully cultivated areas.   Councillor Emma Evans, Adur District Council’s Executive Member for Environment, said: “I’m delighted once again to announce that we will be creating this colourful display on sites across the whole of Adur. With the help of communities across our area, a little bit of endeavour…

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  • Bee Corridor

    Brent Council are creating a bee corridor

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  • Ash dieback

    Ash dieback is predicted to cost £15 billion in Britain

    A team of researchers from the University of Oxford, Fera Science, Sylva Foundation and the Woodland Trust has calculated the true economic cost of ash dieback. The predictions have been published in Current Biology. The total cost of ash dieback to the UK is estimated to be £15 billion Half of this (£7 billion) will be over the next 10 years The total cost is 50 times larger than the annual value of trade in live plants to and from Britain, which is the most important route by which invasive plant diseases enter the country There are 47 other known…

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  • verges

    New grass verge scheme is the bees knees

    Grass verges across Rochdale are going to look a bit different this summer as a scheme set to boost bees, butterflies and small insects gets under way.   This year, 15 sites across the borough have been chosen as part of a scheme to host pollinator friendly informal flowering lawns or clover verges. Chosen sites include Bury and Rochdale Old Road, Sandy Lane and Hollingworth Road.   The days of manicured grass verges are coming to an end but the less formal replacement provides a host of benefits to a wide range of wildlife.   Like wildflower meadows, informal flowering…

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  • New plants to feature at the HTA exhibit at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

    The Horticultural Trades Association (HTA) will feature new plants on its Discovery Zone exhibit ‘Helping Children Grow’.   The exhibit promotes National Children’s Gardening Week which takes place between 25 May – 2 June 2019. It is supported by National Garden Gift Vouchers. Working with National Children’s Gardening Week Ambassador Chris Collins the exhibit features fun and inspiring projects such as edible planters, a pizza wheel, runner bean tipis and a wildlife hotel.   Alongside the plants required for the projects there will be three new plants submitted by HTA members. These will be put forward for the RHS Chelsea…

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  • ArborRaft Tree Planting system

    Green-tech supply urban tree planting materials for Manchester traffic island

    Leading landscape supplier Green-tech was called in to assist Newbrook Gardening Services with the planting of two established trees in urban Manchester.   Salford council commissioned a new traffic island on Cromwell Road in Salford; which was designed to stop vehicle access.   Argyle NW Construction was the contractor and invited Newbrook Gardening Services to install the trees on their behalf.   Newbrook Gardening Services are specialists in grounds maintenance, landscaping and snow clearance and gritting services in the Manchester area. They have worked with Green-tech for many years and approached them to supply the ArboRaft tree planting system, ArborRaft…

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  • The Committee on Climate Change

    UK needs 50 million new trees per year to get zero carbon emissions by 2050

    The Committee on Climate Change’s (CCC) report published on 2 May outlines the stark increase in woodland expansion needed to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.   The report recognises that neither internally legally binding targets (as seen in the Climate Change Act) nor externally binding commitments (the Paris Accord) will be met given the current trajectory in the reduction of carbon emissions.   The CCC analysis outlines that 32,000 hectares annually of net woodland increase is required for the next 30 years. This moves the UK from 13% to 17% woodland cover. This equates to a million new…

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  • The National Trust Orchard

    The National Trust plans to create 68 new orchards

    The National Trust will dramatically increase the number of some of the rarest habitats in the UK by planting dozens of traditional orchards.   The conservation charity currently looks after nearly 200 orchards. These are mainly planted with traditional apple varieties, but also plum, pear and damson.   As part of an ambitious plan to encourage wildlife and halt the dramatic decline in orchards – 63% since 1950 – the Trust will create 68 new orchards across England and Wales by 2025.   The estimated area of traditional orchards currently in the UK is 25,350 hectares.   Traditional orchards are…

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  • David Austin

    David Austin to showcase novel new blooms at RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2019

    David Austin Roses will be at RHS Chelsea Flower Show showcasing two new personalities from its English Rose collection. These are Eustacia Vye and Gabriel Oak. Named after two charcaters from Thomas Hardy novels, The Return of the Native (1878) and Far from the Madding Crowd (1874). Named after the heroine of The Return of the Native, Eustacia Vye is an exceedingly pretty rose of soft, glowing apricot-pink. Each bloom is packed with multiple delicately ruffled petals,held on red-tinged stems. The blooms begin as shallow cups opening to full rosettes, revealing petals of a richer hue which gradually pale over…

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  • Spraying Oak Processionary Moth

    Spraying of Oak Processionary Moth in Bexley

    Spraying will start later this month in the London Borough of Bexley to combat Oak Processionary Moths. Which were first found on trees in several of Bexley’s highways, parks and open spaces in 2018.   The Forestry Commission is paying The FA Bartlett Tree Expert Co Ltd to carry out a two-phased spraying of trees in the borough that are infested by the caterpillars. This will happen at locations identified by the Forestry Commission. The first treatment will start at the end of April and is expected to take 2–4 weeks. The second phase will start two weeks after the…

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  • Holly Bush Farm

    Hillier Trees support renovation of Holly Bush Farm Estate

    Hillier Trees has recently completed a project to supply a number of semi-mature trees and mature hedging plants to Holly Bush Farm in Staffordshire.   “Midland Contractors, were responsible for all hard and soft landscaping. All of which was designed to be of the absolute highest standard across the large estate,” comments Jamie Gormley, Account Manager at Hillier Trees.   “When commencing the soft landscaping elements, we were contacted by them to support. Alongside the quality requirements, it was also an important specification of the project that the finished result looked as though it had been in-situ for many years”.…

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