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    • flexible working hours

      Flexible Working: Is flexism holding back businesses in 2019?

      It is widely accepted that only 6% of the British public hold a traditional 9 to 5 working hours role. Flexible working seems to be more important to the workforce in 2019 than ever before, but is ‘flexism’, the discrimination against people who work flexibly or want to work flexibly, holding businesses back in 2019? According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), flexible working describes a type of working arrangement which gives a degree of flexibility on how long, where, when, and how many hours an employee works. According to a recent BBC News article, 68% of people…

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    • Podium Awards

      Pro Landscaper Podium Awards Shortlist Announced

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    • small project BIG IMPACT

      small project BIG IMPACT awards 2019

      Based on the phenomenal success of last year’s launch, the Pro Landscaper small project BIG IMPACT awards will be back in 2019. This year sees the value increased to under 25k and introduced a brand new hard landscaping category to showcase more of the industry’s incredible work. The Pro Landscaper small project BIG IMPACT awards 2019 will celebrate projects with a value under £25k. After all, these are just as important for the industry’s reputation as their larger counterparts. The Pro Landscaper small project BIG IMPACT awards will be held at FutureScape event on Tuesday 19th November 2019. We will…

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    • Shared parental leave

      What is Shared Parental Leave ?

      Shared parental leave provides an opportunity for eligible parents to take advantage of additional flexibility in the way they choose to care for a new arrival to the family. It allows parents to share caring responsibilities evenly or have one parent taking the main caring role, depending on their preferences and circumstances. Unlike maternity/adoption leave, eligible employees can stop and start their shared parental leave and return to work between periods of leave with each eligible parent able to submit three notices booking periods of leave (although an employer may allow more). In April 2015, the government allowed new parents…

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    • Valentine's Day

      6 Romantic Flowers For Valentine’s Day

      Flowers have always been a popular choice for showing your loved one how much you care on Valentine’s Day. Pro Landscaper have picked 6 flowers that have a romantic side to them, so if you’re last minute shopping here’s some inspiration. Rose Rosa The most popular choice for Valentine’s Day is without a doubt the rose, particularly the red rose which symbolises love. The world’s most expensive rose is the Juliet Rose created by David Austin over 15 years and debuted at RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2006 and is worth £3m. Forget-me-not Myosotis The forget-me-not is said to symbolise…

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    • Pro Landscaper Business Awards

      Winners announced! | Pro Landscaper Business Awards

      The winners have been revealed for the second-ever Pro Landscaper Business Awards. Highlighting the industry’s leading landscaping companies, the awards took place today at East Wintergarden in Canary Wharf, London. Now with over 15 categories, there were more opportunities than ever to shine a light on the businesses which are raising the standard of the UK landscaping sector. From garden design to grounds maintenance to arboriculture, every part of the sector was recognised at this prestigious event. Elmtree Garden Contractors scooped the overall prize of Supreme Winner, awarded by headline sponsor CED Stone Group. Managing director Giles Heap said it…

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    • Zero Hour Contact

      Zero Hours Contracts – Get Yours Right in 2019

      A zero-hour contract is a type of contract between an employer and a worker, where the employer is not obliged to provide any minimum working hours, while the worker is not obliged to accept any work offered. Everyone employed on a zero hours contract is entitled to some statutory employment rights. Any individual on a zero hours contract is entitled to at least the national minimum wage, paid annual leave, rest breaks and protection from discrimination. The above is the main difference between a zero hours worker and a freelancer, but with a zero hours worker, unlike a freelancer, it…

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    • FutureScape Spring

      Focus on you: The People of FutureScape Spring

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    • FutureScape Spring

      Introducing FutureScape Spring

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    • FutureScape seminar

      FutureScape 2018 | Seminar roundup

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    • Butterworth Horticulture

      Butterworth Horticulture

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    • increase profit

      Grow Your Client Base and Increase Profit – the A.P way

      FutureScape bolstered its seminar offering this year, providing attendees with informative sessions on the latest products and materials available to landscapers, garden designers and landscape architects. These seminars took place in the Esher Hall, with visitors giving immensely positive feedback on all sessions. Specialist nursery Architectural Plants addressed an eager audience in the afternoon. Managing director Guy Watts, broke down the three keys to increase profit: finance, marketing and selling. More colloquially, Guy referred to these as: the boring bit, the fun bit and the hard bit. The financial aspect heralded keeping all costs tracked, ensuring everything is taken into…

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    • versatility

      Versatility in Garden Design

      FutureScape bolstered its seminar offering this year, providing attendees with informative sessions on the latest products and materials available to landscapers, garden designers and landscape architects. These seminars took place in the Esher Hall, with visitors giving immensely positive feedback on all sessions. Millboard’s Carl Markham took the audience through the decking solutions available to garden designers looking to bring their vision to reality. Carl’s material knowledge was paired with the garden designer know-how of Greenbird Gardening’s Chris Rixton, who explained the role of decking in bringing a show garden to life. Chris considered how lighting, plants and seating areas…

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    • staff retention

      The importance of staff retention

      Staff retention can drastically improve business performance for numerous reasons. Pro Landscaper speaks with staffing experts to summarise the crucial reasons below: Consistency A moderate level of staff turnover is natural in any company and this can be a good thing. Fresh ideas and new approaches are good for development and morale. But a high level of turnover can be unsettling for workers and clients. Training and maintaining a high level of service and brand style can be challenging when constantly introducing new members to the team. Lowers internal morale Many people – clients and employees alike – value long…

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    • garden animals

      Ways to help garden animals this winter

      As Christmas approaches, most animals have migrated or gone into hibernation. Pro Landscaper speaks with Caroline Birdsall of Millboard to find out how to help foraging garden animals this winter.   1. Sparrows, finches and nuthatches Their diet includes seed and grain, and this is generally enough in warmer months, but in the winter they can benefit from additional fat. Add fat blocks by mixing melted suet with seeds, berries and nuts. Once set, use string to suspend the blocks from trees.   2. Thrushes The thrush family, including the perennial blackbird, increase in numbers through the winter months. Thousands…

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    • productive

      Remaining productive and profitable during winter

      Late autumn and winter mark the end of the gardening season for many, which is fine if gardening is a hobby but less ideal for businesses. There are plenty of ways to keep busy as a landscaper or garden designer during the colder months. Outlined below are some ideas to stay productive and profitable. Jobs Outside The arrival of winter brings new jobs and the beginning of a different type of gardening: Protect plants from the elements – Adding a light amount of compost to form a mound around the base of plants provides the roots with protection from frost.…

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    • small project big impact

      small project BIG IMPACT winners

      The first Pro Landscaper small project BIG IMPACT awards have been a resounding success. The winners are finally in, taking home an assortment of prizes kindly donated from the award sponsors, and receiving industry-wide recognition for their superb small projects. Pro Landscaper would like to congratulate the winners and thank everyone who entered and attended the ceremony at FutureScape 2018. Winners are listed below: BUILD UNDER £20,000 Sponsored by KEBUR Winner: Suburbian Hideaway, by GreenScape Gardens Ltd Judges’ comments included: “Superb creative space and excellent quality of work”, “superb use of materials built well with finite attention to detail. Looked…

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    • Helen Elks-Smith

      Helen Elks-Smith: Winter garden design

      Many aspects of a garden, along with the desire to spend time in it, become dormant during winter. Careful design considerations can transform this, turning uninspiring winter gardens into beautiful, thriving settings. Pro Landscaper speaks with Helen Elks-Smith to pick her brain about designing a garden that retains its beauty during the winter months. Understanding Client Desires “For certain clients who may spend winter abroad, or when we design their holiday home garden which is not used in winter, a focus on this time of year is not appropriate,” Helen begins. “It is interesting when we speak to clients that…

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    • theft

      How much theft is costing the landscaping industry

      Theft is rife in landscaping, with expensive tools and equipment targeted for their resale value and lack of traceability. This year has seen a sharp increase in tool theft, with a reported rise of over 30% in incidents. Pro Landscaper speaks with landscapers from across the UK to find out just how much this problem is costing the industry.  How big is the problem? To calculate the financial cost that theft puts onto the landscaping industry, one must consider several factors. These include the cost of any equipment that needs replacing, the increased insurance premiums from claims made and the…

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    • songs about flowers

      13 hit songs about flowers

      The world of nature stems out greatly into popular culture. So much so, there are a plethora of hit songs released every year surrounding the diverse symbol, flowers. In light of this, Pro Landscaper has collated the top 13 songs about flowers that are sure to get your feet tapping. Flowers in the window – Travis (2001) Marigold – Nirvana (1993) Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones (1971) Kiss from a Rose – Seal (1994) Build me up buttercup – The Foundations (1998) Supermarket flowers – Ed Sheeran (2017) Flower – Kylie Minogue (2012) Pushing Up Daisies – Lily Allen…

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    • staff

      Handling staff during the Christmas period

      As fabulously festive as Christmas time is, the holiday can wreak havoc with many industries that find their workload increasing through the winter months. Grounds maintenance is a prime example. Colder weather strikes up the need for additional services such as gritting and snow ploughing, making staff attendance essential. Pro Landscaper sits with Eddy Griffiths, head of operations at grounds maintenance and landscaping giant CGM, to discover how he manages staff at this time of year. When asked how busy the winter period is compared with the rest of the year, Eddy starts by saying: “In theory the winter months…

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    • pro landscaper november

      Pro Landscaper November issue review

      The Pro Landscaper November issue sees an assortment of industry heavy weights, laying out their views on crucial issues that hit both the landscaping industry and UK businesses as a collective. Here we break down a selection of the must-read features in this month’s edition.   Agenda: Is ‘flexism’ affecting your business?   Managing director of John O’Conner, Matt O’Conner kicks things off by pointing out, “flexible working can benefit both employees and the company.” His company’s staff have the legal right to request flexible hours after 26 weeks continuous service, but he sees this is no bad thing, continuing:…

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    • andrew wilson

      Andrew Wilson: Breaking into the garden design industry

      Andrew Wilson provides Pro Landscaper with an insight into the position of garden design graduates upon leaving the London College of Garden Design. He tackles the pressing issue of breaking into the market as a new designer and suggests what could assist them in such a competitive market. As I waved goodbye to our LCGD class of graduates in July, I couldn’t help but wonder: ‘How many of them will make it?’ I always ponder on this subject – in fact many of them do make a success of their new career, but it’s a long and winding road as…

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    • scary plants

      8 scary plants to fend off trick-or-treaters

      Nature can be pretty scary, and plants are definitely a big part of this – though tarantulas probably take the biscuit. From poisonous fruits to spike-covered branches, in the spirit of Halloween, Pro Landscaper has collated eight of the most scary plants in the world! Black bat flower Chinese myshetsvet This flower can grow to be as long as 12 inches and has ‘whiskers’ that can grow up to 28 inches in length. The Black Bat Flower is native to tropical regions in south east Asia. Bleeding Tooth Fungus Hydnellum Peckii The body of this plant can ‘bleed’ a bright…

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    • winter

      How to care for a garden during winter

      Pro Landscaper speaks with Tiger Sheds, who have surveyed the nation to unveil the UK’s garden habits. It reveals that a massive two in five (40%) of Brits don’t take precautions to prepare their garden or garden buildings for the cooler winter weather. What’s more, 52% completely abandon their gardens and fail to do any gardening throughout winter. Almost one in ten (9%) said that they don’t care for their garden in winter because they think that their plants will die regardless. 8% said they would replace anything that that the winter weather damages – but at what cost? Only…

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