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    Kinley Systems Launches AluExcel at Galabau 2014

    Making it’s name as a firm favourite amongst landscape architects, designers and developers, Kinley Systems launches its AluExcel range of aluminium landscape edging as a global brand at this year’s GaLaBau exhibition in Nurnberg, Germany.


    Galabau is the largest exhibition of its kind in Europe, showcasing the entire spectrum of products and services for the design, construction and maintenance of urban, green and open spaces.  Spanning from Wednesday the 17th September through to Saturday 20th September, Galabau attracts some 61,860 visitors comprising; landscape gardeners, landscape architects, city and local authorities and representatives from the housing sector, schools, greenkeepers, building contractors, operators of golf courses and many more.  AluExcel will be one of 1,115 exhibitors at the event, demonstrating its aluminium edging system and presenting AluExcel as an innovative, responsible, global landscaping brand.

    AluExcel is a flexible, sleek and effective aluminium edging system. Manufactured from recycled and fully recyclable aluminium, the system is easy to carry and effortless to install, as well as being extremely hard-wearing.  It is an ideal edging solution for hard surfaces, whether they are asphalt, resin-bonded or loose gravel, blocks, bricks or paving slabs and the system involves dry-fix installation, eliminating the need for wet concrete haunching.

    In conjunction with launching AluExcel as a global brand, AluExcel CAD files now incorporate the drawing annotation within the model space, a response to requests from specifiers who were using drawings to help them achieve fast and efficient specification of AluExcel products.  In addition, there is a new CAD detail for an AluExcel tree pit frame, together with revised installation instructions for each of the aluminium edging products.

    Those wishing to book meetings with Kinley Systems to discuss AluExcel at Galabau should visit www.kinleysystems.com.

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