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JCB toughens up the outdoor paint market

Digger giants JCB have today announced a brand new multi-year licensing deal with Cheltenham based QXE Industries Limited. The deal grants QXE global rights to produce and distribute JCB PAINT for a broad range of outdoor uses.

JCB PAINT has been formulated to make it easy to use on almost any exterior surface and engineered to provide protection against the toughest conditions, like no other paint in the market. Invented in the UK, JCB PAINT has flame retardant and environmental resistant properties which along with the re-useable and recycle packaging offers testament to the company’s ethos to making the world a safer place.

JCB PAINT has a water based formula with high opacity and is mould, water and stain resistant. Its versatility means you can use it on wood, masonry, terracotta, ceramic, plastic and metal. There are 12 distinct shades which can be applied using a brush, roller or spray.

The full range will be available in various retail outlets across the UK and Internationally from Q4 2017 onwards. The launch is supported by an extensive marketing programme including dedicated website www.jcbpaint.com.

Chris Honer, CEO of QXE Industries commented: “We believe that the consumer and professional decorator has had to endure the arduous task of choosing different types of paint for their exterior requirements such as walls, sheds, stables, barns etc for too long. I am absolutely thrilled to be able to offer them a one paint solution which will cover these applications and so much more.

“We have created an innovative, high performing, strong product which demonstrates the same quality, safety and durability benefits synonymous with all JCB products”.

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