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    Instarmac provides new i-fix for landscapers

    Ruth Sperring, commercial sales manager, Instarmac group plc

    “Every spring landscapers see their order books flourish with people suddenly turning their attention to their worn patios. Months of bad weather including heavy rainfall, frost and snow can unravel even the most well laid patios with weeds and damaged concrete.

    “While no landscaper would ever be found complaining about their workload – especially in this economic climate – they can be helped to complete projects in a timely way with our new i-fix range.

    “Developed using the same technology and expertise as our professional road repair and landscaping products, i-fix has been launched this year to assist landscapers with a range of tasks using minimal time and money.

    “Each of Instarmac’s i-fix products are either pourable, require little or no mixing, and prove to be less expensive than buying the materials in bulk and wasting what is not needed to complete the job.

    “Our unique Speedy Paving Grout is perfect for grouting new or re-pointing existing paving and saves landscapers valuable time thanks to its fast setting time of up to 30 minutes and easy mix formula – just add water!

    “Speedy Paving Grout is an innovative pourable grout which protects against future weed growth and, thankfully for our country, can be applied in both wet or dry weather.

    “Of course, many patios across the UK now include block paving which can be the cause of some time-intensive repair and maintenance work for landscapers.

    “We created Paving Sealer specifically with block paving in mind but it can also be used on slabs with sand joints.

    “The water based sealer can be applied easily with a watering can and works by binding jointing sand and sealing the paving surface providing robust protection from stains and weed growth.

    “The product’s clear finish means landscapers aren’t restricted with the type of paving they can apply it to but we recommend always testing a small area first as the product can enhance natural colouring.

    “Professional landscapers have trialled Paving Sealer and many are now using it as a quick and simple solution for their paving work nationwide.

    “Patios can also require a patch up job in parts following a particularly harsh winter or heavy wear and tear so we included Speedy Concrete in the i-fix range to tackle cracked or damaged paths and steps.

    “Twice the strength of standard concrete (66N/mm²), Speedy Concrete can also be used for shed bases. As the name suggests, it is fast setting and even faster for landscapers to mix with just water.

    “While we can’t guarantee the weather for patio activities, we can help landscapers ensure that patios are in the best condition possible with high quality products that save time that can be spent in their own gardens!”

    For more information on each of the products in the i-fix range visit: www.i-fix.co.uk



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