Geraniums at the Door, Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell Chelsea Fringe

Pelargonium for Europe announces Geraniums at the Door – an installation for Chelsea Fringe, garlanding the entrance of the Zetter Townhouse in Clerkenwell, one of the most photographed doorways in London, with 200 geraniums in deepest burgundy to palest pink.

The installation is co-designed by award winning garden designers, Claudia de Yong and Indoor Garden Design, to celebrate geraniums, the ubiquitous summer bloom, decorating the ironwork high above the doorway and stretching down to ground level in a burst of vivid colour. Added to this are traditional horticultural elements of ivy and box, interwoven with aged, vintage wood and some playful animal sculptures for an eccentric twist, in keeping with the hotel’s interior design.

Ian Drummond, creative director, Indoor Garden Design says: “Working with geraniums takes me back to my childhood, gardening with my father and this is when I first fell in love with plants. I’m so pleased to celebrate this perfect city plant in such a quintessentially London location.”

Claudia de Yong says: “One of my key passions for garden design is using natural materials, and for Geraniums at the Door I wanted to bring a a little bit of the countryside to Zetter Townhouse, and to showcase the beauty of it in a setting that’s both urban and country.”

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