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    Four landscaping ideas sure to impress clients

    The main goal of landscaping is to make a yard look impressive. Homeowners know they want their home to look neat and put together, but aren’t always sure how they’re going to get there. That’s where the professionals come in.

    As an industry pro, you should have knowledge of what’s trending and what services are in their price range. Think about personalising your message to the people you’re dealing with, while at the same time offering up your own expertise. See four landscaping ideas sure to impress clients and leave them grinning ear to ear.

    Add a Water Element

    A great way to fancy up a backyard is with water. Running water is soothing to listen to and relaxing to look at outside. A water feature mimics nature which many homeowners appreciate. There usually isn’t much maintenance, so they’re easy to take care of. From rocks to waterfalls, it’s truly a way for your client to make their yard look unique and personalized.

    Don’t stop there. Create even more of an escape by planting flowers and greenery in the area. Point homeowners to Ladbrokes Bingo who have created a fun guide to review what type of flowers they should plant during which months. Bingo Blooms is also useful for learning about different flowers and gardening. Taking these steps will make any water element addition a true oasis.

    Install a Gazebo or Pergola

    A gazebo or pergola will definitely make a backyard shine. This piece helps the landscaping standout in a positive way. These structures not only bring an aesthetic appeal, but also shade and privacy. Your clients will certainly want more of both of these in their backyard. Explain how many different shapes and colors the structures come in and how the perfect placement and design will make their backyard truly exceptional.

    Suggest Patio Pavers

    One of the most elegant patio designs are pavers. Pavers come in many different colors, shapes and sizes. There’s something for everyone. They look classy and will stand the test of time. They’re easy to maintain and look great with a nice set of furniture. It’s a win, win for everyone.

    Upsell your Services

    Of course, hiring a professional is how you create really impressive landscaping. The pros know that the only way to make the neighbors admire your outdoor space is to go with the experts. Once you have their business, go after the other elements they’re missing and upsell. You want to help them have a yard that looks better than average. Make sure when you’re in talks with the homeowner you let them know all the possibilities and services you have to offer.


    Progress your business by offering up these proposals and unique ideas to your clients. You want to make sure you’re up to speed with the latest developments and keeping homeowners in the know about what’s hot in the business. A beautiful home deserves a yard that stands out and makes a statement in the neighborhood. Let each client meeting be your chance to sell your services and add a surprise element they weren’t expecting. This is a sure way to wow homeowners and keep their interest.

    By Carol Trehearn 

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