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    Environment Agency announces flexibility with business abstraction license

    Environment Agency will flex abstraction conditions during dry weather

    The Environmental Agency will consider flexing abstraction license conditions. This will help support people and businesses during this dry period. People must apply for a change to their conditions.
    2018 saw the driest June on record since 1925 and with a very dry July. This has let to the Environment Agency receiving enquires from businesses who do not have enough water to meet their needs.
    They have produced the briefing below to provide clarity on the criteria. It will explain how the Environment Agency may agree to flex abstraction conditions.
    Abstractors may contact the Environment Agency to discuss flexing abstraction conditions during drought. This could be through either their usual local Area office contacts or through the EA National Customer Contact Centre:
    Environment AgencyNational Customer Contact CentrePO Box 544 RotherhamS60 1BY United Kingdom Email: enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk Telephone: 03708 506 506
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