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    EGO’s most technically advanced battery system in the business

    As the cordless specialists in the gardening sector, EGO Power+ only make lithium-ion powered equipment. The technology used within EGO’s cordless system bears this out. It begins with the industry’s first 56 volt lithium-ion powered battery.

    Unlike other battery packs, which are shaped like bricks and retain heat (which is detrimental to the performance of li-ion battery’s), it follows EGO’s patented “arc” design which ensures that more of the battery cells are adjacent to the external housing, keeping them cooler for longer, ensuring greater performance in even the toughest of tasks.

    Another feature of its battery is EGO’s proprietary “Keep Cool” cell technology. Each cell is insulated by a phase change material (PCM). As the cells heat up the PCM will change from a solid state to a liquid state. This change in state absorbs latent heat and dissipates it to maintain long-term power and unmatched performance.

    The EGO Power+ system also boasts a revolutionary charging system. In just 30 minutes, a depleted 4.0Ah battery can be fully recharged – another first in the garden machinery world.

    Power beyond belief starts with better technology. That’s what puts EGO’s power, performance and durability on a whole new level.

    The EGO Power+ system is unique in its offering, as it has the optimum level of power, harnessed in its 56 volt battery. EGO’s extensive investment in research has led to the development of the considerably more powerful 56 volt and now, for the first time and thanks to EGO, lithium-ion powered products offer a genuine alternative to petrol powered products.

    The operating efficiency of EGO’s 56 volt lithium-ion powered battery offers a viable alternative to petrol and electric models for users with large areas of garden to maintain, with the benefits being seemingly endless. The operating cost of equipment, using these unique batteries, is estimated to be less than 10 per cent of that for petrol, with virtually zero emissions.

    Imagined and brought to life by a global organisation with a 20-year history of delivering premium quality and breakthrough technology, EGO has changed the very nature of lawn and garden equipment, all starting with the innovation of the Power+ system.

    All batteries are interchangeable across the whole range so users need only buy one battery to maintain their entire garden.

    For more information on EGO Power+ and its battery technology please visit www.egopowerplus.co.uk.

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