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    Drainage Superstore aids children’s garden project

    Little Meadows nursery in Quedgeley, Gloucester sourced quality drainage solutions from Drainage Superstore that were suitable for young children.

    A call to Drainage Superstore meant they were able to access information and advice about the right products for the job.

    Turrou Landesmann, store manager at Drainage Superstore, said: “We were pleased to recommend DuPont’s GroundGrid gravel guard, a stable and permeable product that is often used on gravel pathways and driveways.

    “As a father myself, I know that small kids love kicking gravel around, which means it can get everywhere, impacting on the efficiency of the drainage system. But GroundGrid gravel guard keeps the gravel inside the cells where it is supposed to be.

    “We were pleased to help the nursery with a discounted order as part of our CMO Community Fund. It’s important to us that charities and organisations like this have high quality, long-term solutions.”

    Sharon Phillips, manager at Little Meadow Group, said: “Turrou has been amazing. Money was tight, and the children raised the funds for this. They took part in a sponsored wake and shake which, for three and four-year-olds to do for 30 minutes, was quite a challenge!”

    GroundGrid is exclusive to Drainage Superstore. It’s a honeycomb structure manufactured from thermally bonded fabric. It doesn’t move, sink or disperse, keeping areas looking fresh and full.

    Little Meadow Group nursey created an all-weather, all-inclusive growing area and orchard so that children can grow and pick their own fruit for snack time. All the nursery staff, friends and family worked tirelessly to complete the project in one weekend.

    Find out how the CMO Community Fund could help other projects get off the ground.

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