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    Design By Katja’s video on climate change

    Using Sir David Attenborough’s speech from the opening ceremony of United Nations-sponsored climate talks in Katowice, Poland, Design By Katja have created a video on climate change.

    Sir David says:

    “Climate change. If we don’t take action the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

    The video asks the horticultural industry some important questions relating to how they can help with climate change, such as:

    • Are you using energy efficient technologies?
    • Are you incorporating rain or dry gardens with the right plants?
    • Are you planting more trees?
    • Are you promoting urban planting?
    • Are your ponds and pools natural?

    To hear David Attenbrough’s speech and see the full list of questions you can view the video below.


    This video is courtesy of Design By Katja: www.designbykatja.com

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