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Choosing the right decorative shingle

Pick the right decorative shingle and it can brighten up any garden design.

Smiths’ range of decorative shingle is high-quality, genuine Cotswold stone shingle. With the honey and cream colours of the region, it is an understated, classic shingle that sits very well in most environments.

A similar offering is the Oxford range of decorative shingle. A blend of subtle neutral beiges and creams, which also typifies the Cotswold area. A versatile shingle that can be used for driveways, paths, landscaping and as a weed suppressant.

There is also the Cotswold Limestone Chippings, again understated yet achieving quality design results, with its more angular shape and subtle colours. Once more a versatile shingle that fits in most landscape projects.

If a project requires a bolder colour, then the Oxford Blue is available. A mix of dark ‘Oxford’ blue, black and white. The ever popular Pea Shingle, a very versatile smooth pebble shingle – therefore a great option for dressing driveways, paths or for general landscaping.

A large range of shingles, various sizes, various colours with smooth and irregular shapes are available. If there is a project in mind and expert assistance is required, Smiths’ offer free consultation. The full range of shingle is available on the Smiths’ website.

Smiths’ also offer sub-base materials, such as sands and gravels.

For full details of all Smiths’ products, services and the free sample option, visit www.smithsbletchington.co.uk

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