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ChargePoint partner with Ground Control to grow electric vehicle charging

Ground Control announces partnership with the largest electric vehicle charging network, ChargePoint. This is to drive alternative energy and help businesses attract and retain staff and customers.
Ground Control is heavily invested in caring for the environment. Its partnership with ChargePoint is promoting innovative methods to build a sustainable future. Ground Control’s new service ‘GC-ChargePoint’, supplies and installes EV charging solutions. It also supports and encourages the use of electric vehicles as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. The partnership champions the growth of the UK’s EV charging network.
Vehicle manufacturers are expanding and developing an ever-growing range of electric vehicles. This comes as the market grows, with greener alternatives replacing diesel cars. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders report 500 electric cars registrations per month in 2014, soaring to 5,000 in 2018.
Government initiatives aid this growing market, including ‘The Road to Zero’. Financial incentives are on offer for businesses and homes through the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. By the end of September 2018 the total number of registered plug-in vehicles had reached more than 178,000. Market trends suggest this number will more than double by as early as 2020.
Ground Control wish to help businesses to tap into this market, by utilising smart networks and hassle-free charging stations. The firm hopes to offer an alternative fuelling system for the future. This certainly caters for the growing demand. Recent research finds that the UK currently has over 18,000 public charging points, but will require more than six times this amount by 2022.
This smart networked, forward-thinking charging solution helps brands to establish themselves as ‘green leaders’. This attracts and retaining visitors by offering a convenient way to charge their car. All this, while simultaneously helping the environment.

Andy Gray, business development manager at Ground Control, leading this project, comments:

“By working with ChargePoint we will help to increase access to electric vehicles charging stations in the UK. This will pave the way for a greener future, through increased use of sustainable alternatives to fossil fuel vehicles. We hope to see a rapid uptake in businesses utilising this infrastructure that benefits both the driver and our environment.”
For more information about Ground Control’s Electrical Vehicle Charging Solutions, click here.
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