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    BALI proposes new measures to water companies to protect landscapers

    The British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI) has proposed new measures to authorities operating throughout the UK which will ensure professional landscapers continue to get access to water regardless of project and client.

    These proposed measures include;

    • Offering recycled water to landscape professionals where ‘non-potable water’ can be used
    • Working more closely with manufacturers of landscaping and horticulture equipment which can help save surplus-water
    • Giving landscape professionals the opportunity to apply to water companies to request an exemption from temporary use bans for specific projects

    On Friday 20 July, BALI’s technical officer, Owen Baker attended a ‘Water UK Dry Weather Stakeholder Workshop’ alongside water suppliers and trade associations to better understand what professional users can expect in the future.

    BALI is encouraging authorities to exclude commercial landscaping activities from all temporary bans. BALI is currently in discussion with United Utilities, who operate in the North West of England, to request that the company provide a total exemption from its impending ban for landscapers operating in the region. BALI has also stressed that landscapers carry out at least 28 days of watering for new lawns and up to 14 days for newly-bought plants, and that water’s availability must not be impeded.

    Reflecting on the current extreme weather conditions and his subsequent visit to Water UK, BALI’s Owen Baker said: “Two weeks ago the outlook for resources was looking positive. Despite an unusually long period of warm, dry weather, I suspect we all assumed this summer wouldn’t last for much longer, and our respective landscapes would be watered.

    “Besides, the UK received record breaking levels of rainfall only a few months earlier; surely this would have brimmed reservoirs and groundwater storage facilities? Not the case. Water resources in some areas of the UK have now fallen to levels which require preventative measures, including a temporary use ban in the North West which will come into effect from 5 August.”

    He continued “At BALI, we have an obligation to our members to ensure we are protecting their requirements of needing access to water regularly to help maintain the landscape.

    “As a result, we are working hard with companies and trade bodies to define a new set of guidelines for professional water-users working on larger commercial sites and domestic properties.”

    A more comprehensive report detailing further recommendations of how you could save on water’s use, as well as guidelines outlining how to protect professional landscapers has been published on BALI’s website at bali.org.uk

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