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    Heatwave leads to national rise in artificial grass

    With lawns up and down the country looking scorched and brown, an artificial grass company, based in Rutland, has seen a 30% increase in enquiries for the month of July year on year. This comes because of the number of people looking for an alternative way to keep their gardens green.
    Normally July is a quieter month for LazyLawn® with enquires taking a dip as the holiday season gets underway. Yet this year the company has had an inundate of people wanting to swap their dead lawns for a sunshine-proof LazyLawn.
    As dry spells trigger the risk of a hosepipe ban, more and more people are realising the benefits of artificial grass over natural turf.
    Matt Shemilt, sales manager at LazyLawn said, “After weeks of baking heat and no rain it’s no surprise that homeowners are keen to find ways to reinvigorate their gardens.
    “We have seen enquiries increase in line with the hot weather, where we would usually expect a slight reduction because of the holiday season.
    “LazyLawn products offer a low maintenance, attractive and green lawn for any outdoor or indoor surface. They’re great during any weather conditions.”
    The company has a variety of artificial grass products. Coming in different colour shades and a range of pile heights to suit any outdoor or indoor projects’ needs.
    LazyLawn also offers a comprehensive range of artificial grass. New products LazyResin® and LazyBorders™ help perfect each outdoor area.
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