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American steel and aluminium price hike presents issues for landscapers

In a recent public announcement, Donald Trump has triggered protectionism for American exports of both steel and aluminium. The result of this, is that EU countries will face a 25 percent increase in the price of American steel and a 10% inflation in aluminium.

Since a multitude of landscaping products such as edging and handheld tools are made of these metals, a substantial price hike could be passed onto the end users, especially since rival, metal-exporting nations lack the quality and economies of scale of American alternatives.

British manufactures have voiced concerns at the prospect of retaliation from the EU and British government, creating uncertainty over the impending price war over steel. European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said of the new policy: “We will not sit idly while our industry is hit with unfair measures that put thousands of European jobs at risk.”

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