Addagrip introduces STARPATH

Addagrip STARPATH is an innovative light-emitting resin bound surfacing incorporating the latest photoluminescent technology.

Addagrip STARPATH transforms the company’s resin bound surfacing systems Addaset, Addabound, Terrabound and Terrabase Rustic into light responsive, sustainable pathways. By harnessing UV energy during the day, the surface includes charged composite granules which emit ambient lighting for up to 10 hours during the night.

The natural appearance of bound aggregate pathways observed during the day is transformed with a soft blue or green luminescent glow by night. The greater the concentration, the more vibrant the glow.addagrip

Addagrip STARPATH surfacing provides cost effective, sustainable lighting for areas requiring illumination without adding to light pollution. Ideal for rural location walkways, parks and areas with street light saving schemes. By increasing the concentration of the granules, bespoke patterns, signs and logos can also be incorporated into the resin bound surface. Suitable for domestic use providing decorative ambient lighting for garden pathways, patios and pool surrounds.

If a sustainable way-finding lighting option is required for unlit roads, commercial sites, civic and public areas, Addagrip ECO-DISC offers concentrated luminescent discs that can be installed into resin bound surfacing systems to provide self-generating light markers for decorative and practical use. Ideal for cycle paths and extending light coverage to all-hours without an electricity supply.

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