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7 plants with the rudest names you’ve ever heard

It’s been over two years since we shared the Gardening Express’ list of the top 10 plants with rude (but hilarious) names. So, we have scoured the glorious world of plants to bring you another seven with the rudest names that are sure to tickle you a little.

1.  Bastard Toadflax

Latin name: Comandra

A monotypic genus, the plant has a disjunct distribution. Its four subspecies occur in North America and the Mediterranean.

2.  Naked Man Orchid

Latin name: Orchis italica

Native to the Mediterranean, this flower blossoms into its highly amusing shape in mid-spring.

3.  Bushman’s Buttocks

Latin name: Lithops ruschiorum

Part of the Aizoaceae family, this plant is also commonly called living stones… but that’s not nearly half as funny.

4.  Clitoria

Latin name: Clitoria ternatea

A perennial succulent plant, the Clitoria ironically grows commonly in solitude.

5.  Pinky Winky

Latin name: Hydrangea paniculata

Due to it’s toxicity, this plant may cause mild stomach upset if ingested… well then.

6.  Nipple Fruit

Latin name: Solanum mammosum

This plant is an annual in the family Solanaceae, and part of the genus Solanum. It also… well isn’t it obvious?

7.  Phallus Impudicus

Alright, you got us! It’s a fungus – but with its name and appearance, it had to have a place on this list.


If you know of any more plants with the rudest names, make sure to let us know!

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