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30th birthday celebrations for Holland Landscapes

Holland Landscapes, based near Colchester in Essex, is celebrating 30 years of creating amazing gardens.

Originally founded by Chris Baker in 1988, Chris’s son Paul joined the company 10 years later. Directors Chris and Paul are still very much at the helm, and have developed Holland Landscapes into the thriving business it is today, designing and constructing high quality gardens throughout Suffolk and Essex. The business supports a team of seven full time employees, and regularly uses the services of local bricklayers, electricians and other specialists. Chris and Paul have also recently founded a second company, Tapestry Design Studios.

Holland Landscapes has been a member of the APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) since the late 1990s, and are one of the few landscaping companies to have won 10 APL awards, including the prestigious Supreme Award and the Young Achiever Award.

Asked what the biggest challenge has been in the last 30 years, Paul says: “It’s always been hard to recruit really high quality staff. In recent years, colleges have been trying to attract a higher calibre of student but there’s still a way to go before landscaping is recognised as a varied and rewarding career, rather than a last resort. Having said that, the team at Holland Landscapes are amazing and I’m incredibly proud of them.”

So what does the future hold for Holland Landscapes? Paul says: “I think there will be a huge emphasis on being eco-friendly, with recycling and ethically sourced materials becoming a legal requirement. I can also see tradespeople being regulated by government to stamp out rogue trades. Vehicles and machines will be cleaner, greener and probably electric.”

“I hope that in the future the wider public will come to value landscaping. We all need to appreciate how important are surroundings are to the environment, community and to personal well being. When the landscape industry as a whole is better respected, more people will understand why I love my job so much, and hopefully it will be easier to recruit and train a fabulous workforce.”

Will Paul’s young son join the family firm? “He’s only three,” says Paul. “He loves helping me in the garden, but he loves Paw Patrol more. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”

Holland Landscapes will be sharing stories and pictures from the last 30 years on their social media sites.

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