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    11 winter plants for a splash of garden colour

    With winter just a couple of months away and frosty weather set to make most gardens dormant, Pro Landscaper rounds up 11 winter plants to keep landscapes bright and colourful.

    Japanese quince

    Deciduous and commonly spine covered shrubs, Japanese quince plants has stunning clusters of five-petal flowers that withstand low temperatures effectively.

    Japanese quince 'Nivalis'

    Clematis cirrhosa

    Commonly called Wisley Cream, this plant can be an evergreen shrub or herbaceous perennial, sprouting fluffy seedheads in late autumn to early winter.

    clematis 'Wisley Cream'


    Part of the Primulaceae family, this tuberous perennial has twisted petals and dark markings at the base, making the flower’s rich colour very prominent.

    wavy cyclamen


    The dwarf perennial grows from Corm with linear leaves. It’s fragrant flowers sprout from autumn all the way through to early spring.

    crocus 'Ladykiller'

    Witch hazel

    Simple tooth leaves hang from this deciduous shrub or small tree with bell-shaped flowers sprouting in late winter.

    spike witch hazel

    Winter-flowering cherry

    Part of the Rosaceae family, this plant grows edible fruit in autumn, with flowers adding a pop of colour through winter.

    winter-flowering cherry 'Fukubana'

    Skimmia japonica

    A compact evergreen shurb, Skimmia japonica’s shiny red berries and small white or pale yellow flowers greatly suit a winter setting.


    The Daphne has a very fragrant tubular and four-lobed flowers that are commonly followed by colourful berries.

    shrubby daphne

    Winter jasmine

    With many climbing twining stems and star-shaped flowers, this winter staple also produces black berries.

    winter jasmine


    Semi-evergreen perennial, the Helleborus’s bowl-shaped flowers form loose clusters in late winter.

    Tibetan hellebore


    Latinate name Cornus alba L, Dogwood in its shrub, tree or woody-based perennial form sprouts tiny flowers and provides a turns a stunning colour in autumn that carries through winter.

    red-barked dogwood

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