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New Turf cutter from KommTek

KommTek talks to us about its new Turf cutter:

The question arises time and time again when regenerating lawn areas in gardens and around the goalposts on sports fields, what is the best way of removing the old lawn?
Well there are many ways, but only one that’s efficient, fast and cost effective – the KommTek Turf cutter RS 3040.

Easy to use everywhere. There are three ways to remove your old lawn:
1. Mill the lawn into the ground, including all unwanted weeds and seeds. Great for weeds, bad for the lawn.
2. Use herbicides and then mill the old dead lawn into the ground. More effective than just milling, but who is prepared to use herbicides extensively in their customer’s garden?
3. Remove the old lawn in its entirety. Best results, but also the most work.

But that’s no longer the case with KommTek’s Turf cutter. It simply cuts under the lawn in lanes, just as in Turf production, allowing the lawn to easily be rolled up and removed. Its a faster and cheaper way of removing old sod with no unnecessary earth removal. You can work fast and efficiently and is also usable in small gardens, even with lots of nooks and crannies.

Due to its lightweight and simple usage, the RS can be used on all grounds effectively. The oscillating cutter works independently from the driving motor. This has two gears and the cutting width can be chosen between 3-4cm. And now having been approved and tested for over 10 years, its available with 4-wheel drive.

Here are the latest innovations:

  • Improved traction, due to 4-wheel drive. (No more wheel spinning) and improved cutting depth adjustment (up to 6cm deep)
  • Improved knife attachment
  • 2nd gear now has an adjusted speed and neutral gear
  • Lower maintenance
  • Low vibration and a powerful Kawasaki engine

RS 3040 and the RS 3040 4×4. The small, dignified, Lawncarer’s Groundsman’s assistant. Available exclusively at KommTek Intelligente Lösungen Möckmühl

KommTek Intelligent Solutions GmbH
Dipl.-Ing.sc agr. Frank Hemmerich
Industriepark 5
74706 Osterburken
Tel.: 06291 4159591
Mob.: 0171 61322708

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