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National Plants at Work Week 2017

The nature of today’s work culture means we are always connected and working on the go. Hot-desking is the new ‘office’ and you never know where you will find a space to work.

Ingeniously, nature called at this famous old red London telephone box. Surrounded by plants, this makes the perfect biophilic space to catch a few minutes to send an email or make a call; and if your smart phone is dead, you can use the old-fashioned handset.

No need to stress if you’re late for that meeting either as this gives you the opportunity to message ahead and the plants will reduce the pressure taking your stress levels right down. And you’re sure to be as much as 38% more productive even in the box and that’s down to plants too.

efig’s chairman, Chris Jenkin, chair of Enterprise Plants Ltd confirmed the benefits of bringing nature into the office. “We are more used to planted installations in a traditional office,” he said, “But technology doesn’t stand still and neither should we.”

“The concept of Biophilia, understanding our need to connect with nature, is several decades old. When we are connected with nature is when we function best and bringing plants indoors is the simplest way to do this.”

“We’re keen to promote the National Plants at Work Week message that we all benefit from plants in the workplace and are excited to be working with BRE on a biophilic office research project to further prove the connections”.

NPWW is sponsored by Nieuwkoop-Europe bv.

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