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    Is the gender pay gap an issue within landscaping?

    As companies across the UK are scrutinised over consistency of pay between men and women, Pro Landscaper investigates to see whether the pay gap is a significant issue within the landscaping industry.

    Since Iceland has introduced legislation making it illegal to pay staff unequally for doing the same jobs, questions have been raised in parliament to consider the introduction of similar laws in the UK, which has a current gender pay gap of 9.1%.

    A recent survey of over 2,000 UK based companies revealed that men are paid approximately 21% more than women within landscaping and forestry firms. In terms of equal opportunity, women make up nearly half (47%) of the lowest paid quartile, however the proportion of women in the top paid quartile drops to only 33%.

    A report from the RHS counters this, as the society disclosed their gender pay gap sits at 6.21%, with each pay quartile made up a greater number of women than men. In addition, 4% more women employed by the RHS receive bonuses, 99%, versus the 95% of men that receive a bonus.

    Despite the efforts of bodies such as the BALI GoLandscape initiative promoting landscaping as a career for all, “No matter what your age, sex or background”, women who are potentially considering a career in the industry are likely to be discouraged from pursuing this should they discover the scales of pay are greatly weighted towards men.

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