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“Urban Forest” by Jieun Yang and Ji Young Kim

First Street Green is pleased to announce to the winning proposal for the 2013 PUBLIC SUMMER Pavilion, “Urban Forest” by Jieun Yang and Ji Young Kim. This proposal is currently being reviewed by NYC Parks & Recreation and is pending approval from DPR.

Urban Forest is a threshold where fast paced urban path and slow meandering of natural oasis are extended and integrated. As a reflector of public exchange and movement, the pavilion facilitates the intimacy of bodily interaction and accentuates urban and community context. Urban Forest is a network of flexible responses to the changing time, weather, and environment that subverts the fixed nature of the architectural form and embraces the agility of urban life.

The 2013 PUBLIC SUMMER installation is an outdoor space located in First Park AT 33 East 1st Street near 2nd Ave and Houston Street. Hosted in collaboration with Superfront and NYC Parks & Recreation, the goal of the installation and programming is to define and explore issues of “Urban Movement” by creating an intervention to facilitate, subvert, encourage, obfuscate, or in other ways participate in the production of public culture and civic exchange.

The charrette took place on site at First Park where over 40 designers competed for three hours to produce 16 proposals. Please stay tuned for summer programming announcements!

Honourable Mentions selected by the jury:


Woven New York

City Life

Frame X Frame


Honourable Mention selected by SUPERFRONT:

Mediated Movement


Silva Ajemian, TODO DA, First Street Green, NJIT

Pat Arnett, Robert Silman Associates

Keller Easterling, Keller Easterling Architect, Professor Yale School of Architecture

Chris Moffett, Thinking Bodies

Jorge Prado, TODO DA, First Street Green, NJIT

Juergen Riehm, 1100 Architect

David Turnbull, Atopia

Nicola Twilley, Edible Geography

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